Our fleet: refrigerated or heated transport of any volume

Our fleet

Our fleet consists of 21 articulated lorries and 2 box van trailers.

All trailers meet the ATP / FRC standards and are equipped with temperature recorders. Load capacity amounts to 22 tonnes, which equals 33 Euro pallets or 26 industrial pallets.

Some of our trailers feature a tail lift and/or a partition (BI-Temp).

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The lorries, type Volvo FH 460 XL for the older, and the Volvo FH 480 euro 5 for the newer, are maximum 4 years old and are all equipped with a mobile phone (this makes them 24/24 available) and track & trace.

All box van trailers are equipped with a tail lift and a partition. They can as such be used for the transportation of both frozen and fresh products. Our box van trailers can carry up to 21 Euro pallets, or 12 tonnes. In addition, they are also used for express delivery to the UK, France and Germany.