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Transport company Acutra in Zeebrugge: chronological oversight of a true success story

Since the early days of our company, we are ready for any refrigerated transport in Belgium and abroad. Contact us for information, by phone or by mail.


Acutra bvba is founded by the brothers Gino and Carl Seys. They settle in Zeebrugge, where they rent a building in the buildings of the old fish auction. Own fleet: 1 small truck.


Mr. Gino Seys becomes 100% owner of Acutra bvba.


Acutra bvba moves to the site of the new fish market, where they rent new business premises. Own fleet: 6 - own refrigerated trailers: 7.


Start of the construction of the current own premises at Noordzeestraat 8, in Zeebrugge. Own fleet: 10 - own refrigerated trailers: 11.


Move to the new business premises, equipped with 2 loading / unloading quays, freezer cell (FAVV accreditation - FK482) with a capacity of 33 pallets and 2 garages for maintenance of own trucks. Own fleet: 10 - own refrigerated trailers: 11.


Mr. Gino Seys founds Acuhold bvba, as a transport commissioner for Acutra bvba! Both companies are 100% owned by Mr. Gino Seys


Mr. Gino Seys founds Acuhold bvba, as a transport commissioner for Acutra bvba! Both companies are 100% owned by Mr. Gino Seys


Due to increasing demand, Acutra bvba is investing in the expansion of the COOL cell to a capacity of 700 pallets. (Recognition FAVV - FK482)


A new era is dawning for the fleet, as well as for refrigerated trailers! Acutra bvba invests in the purchase of 5 new environmentally friendly VOLVO FH12 euro 5 tractors! Acutra bvba is also the first in the whole of BELGIUM to invest in the purchase of 2 low-noise Thermo King trailers, the SLX200! Own fleet 19 - own refrigerated trailers: 20.


Acutra bvba invests for this year in 6 new VOLVO TRACTORS, of which 3 EURO 5 FH12 tractors 6 x 2 and 3 EURO 5 FH12 4 x 2 tractors. We also invested in the purchase of 3 new CHEREAU refrigerated trailers.


Acutra bvba is investing this year in 2 MERCEDES ACTROS MP4- 530 tractors and 2 new VOLVO FH 4/500 tractors, all euro 6! From this investment there are again some 3-axle tractors.


3 of our trailers are equipped with solar panels to reduce our ecological footprint. This in collaboration THERMOKING - FIT SOLAR PANEL. We have also added 3 SCHMITZ semi-trailers to our fleet this year. Own fleet: 20 - own refrigerated trailers: 26.


Acutra bvba is Brexit ready. We continue to carry out our service from and to GB with care. Our fleet already consists of 8 VOLVO FH 3-axle vehicles, so that we can meet the continuing demand for transports to and from GB. In the meantime, 9 of our refrigerated trailers have already been equipped with solar panels.

2021 PARTY

30 years of Acutra bv and we continue to invest in the newest and most environmentally friendly technologies in the field of tractors and refrigerated semi-trailers. The daily satisfaction of our customers and the cohesion of our staff are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to us! Own fleet: 19 - own refrigerated trailers: 23.


The renewal of our flight with the arrival of 2 DAF Xplus 530, including 2 new Volvo FH12-500 tractors. We continue to invest in a more green future.

Our fleet currently consists of 15 tractors and 26 trailers.

Acutra - your “COOL” partner for the future!

30 years Acutra
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