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Our fleet: 18 trucks  and 23 FRIGO trailers

Our fleet

Our fleet includes 16 Volvo FH4-500, Euro6 tractors. These are a maximum of 4 years old and one by one equipped with track trace (TRIMBLE). We also have 1 Mercedes Actros MP4-530, as well as 2 DAF Xplus, Euro6 tractors.

For our distribution truck we have chosen a VOLVO FM9, EURO 6 model. The truck had a double cooling system, separation wall and taillift. Meaning he can load both fresh AND frozen goods. In tonnage he can load up to 12 tons = 21 euro pallets. When needed we sent out this truck for express to France and Holland!


Our 23 FRIGO trailers are CHEREAU and SCHMITZ trailers. All of them have THERMOKING cooling engines. 3 of these trailers have separation walls, 1 has a taillift and 9 of the trailers have SOLAR pannels! Futurewise all of our trailers will be equiped with FIT SOLAR PANNELS - THERMOKING!


All trailers are ATP/FRC approved and are equiped with temperature registration device. They can all load 27 tons, that is about 26 industriel pallets or 33 euro pallets.

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